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Key in commands for MicroStation V8i

The following key-in commands can be execute a number of ways. You can assign them to a Function key, create a custom ToolBox or add them to the Context Menu. You can also copy and paste them into the Key Browser.

Place Fence and launch iPlot or Print
This key-in command will execute a Macro that will search the Active file and any displayed Reference file for the plot shape that is part the FULPLN cell. Once the Macro finds the Shape, the key-in will launch iPlot. The first key-in is to launch iPlot and the second one is to launch MicroStation's Print

macro plotfence;iplot
macro plotfence;print

Temporarily turn off the Display of a single Element
This key-in when executed will allow you to temporarily turn off the display of a single Element by doing a Data (left button) on the Element. When you execute the key-in, all the Elements will be selected. Select the Element you want to turn off. To get the Element back, you can execute the key-in again and Data where there are no Elements. Or, you can press and hold the Reset (right button) and select the Clear Isolate from the menu.

choose all;powerselector mode remove;%d;displayset set;choose none;powerselector mode new;choose element;point ab

Rotate existing Text Element to match the angle of an existing Element
This key-in when executed will allow you to rotate an existing Text Element to match an existing line. After executing the key-in, you will pick two points to define the angle and then pick the Text you want to rotate. The points you pick will determine the angle, so if the text does rotate in the direction you wanted, undo and repeat the key-in and reverse the direction of the two points you pick. i.e. Left to Right or Right to Left.

active angle pt2;snap nearest;accusnap enablefortool;%d;snap nearest;accusnap enablefortool;%d;mdl u modtext;mdl load modtext;ny text align single

Download Word Document with more key-in commands